Highland 4x4 Response Group highland 4x4 response group

registered charity - sc041948
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The National 4x4 Response Network

Highland 4x4 Response Group Located at
5 Deer Park Cottages, Evanton, IV16 9XH. .



View our certificate indicating membership to the national charity representing 4x4 response groups throughout the United Kingdom and the Isle of Man.

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The group is made up of volunteers who can be asked to use their 4x4 vehicles to transport people such as home carers, NHS medical staff, and other emergency services, or to transport essential equipment when roads are not suitable for normal vehicles. They do not provide a taxi service, nor are they a breakdown or recovery service and are only called out following a request from the organisations they have a memorandum of understanding with.

Highland 4x4 Response Group is a registered charity and as such we don't receive any funding. Therefore, anybody wishing to support us by making a small donation are welcome to contact us at info@highland4x4response.co.uk. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for your support. Organisations interested in sponsoring us are asked to contact us at the above email address to discuss this. Donate using PayPal here

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